Q1. Why do doctors at this practice charge a fee for service? 
The ever increasing cost of providing quality health care far exceeds the rise in Medicare bulk billing payments. Practice costs include staff wages, equipment and supplies, sterilisation, accreditation standards compliance activities, ongoing training and education, insurance, rates etc. To maintain viability and thus service provision the shortfall is charged as a gap to patients. Gap payments are discounted for concession card holders and if full payment is made on the visit day. 
Q2. Are there some bulk billed services? 
Yes. There are situations where doctors may elect to bulk bill patients. These may include nursing home patients, vaccination visits, eligible nurse provided services, multiple reviews in quick succession e.g. serial wound care. It is usual for just one gap to be charged, even if a number of family members are booked together, or if a number of item numbers are billed or procedures undertaken at one visit. 
Q3. How does this billing practice benefit my health? 
Your doctor is not pressured towards a high throughput of patients, so can offer you the time and attention you actually need. The doctors can consider relevant preventative and health maintenance strategies with you in addition to managing the presenting problems. Comprehensive holistic care definitely improves clinical outcomes and your long term health and well being. It is strongly recommended by RACGP.  
Because there is no throughput pressure generated by bulk billing, your doctors always reserve some appointments every day for emergency patients. This means that clinically urgent cases are always seen in a timely manner.